Traditional Orangeries

Open plan kitchens and living spaces included under an orangery make for a stunning hub of the home that is filled with light and warmth.

An orangery is a beautiful and luxurious space. Our wealth of experience and high-quality materials will ensure you have an orangery that you can enjoy for many many years to come.

Contemporary Orangeries

Although orangeries date back to the 17th century, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an appealing modern structure. Contemporary orangeries usually have much more brick-work than a conservatory with solid walls and a cornice-style roof.

You can have bricks that perfectly match your existing property to create a seamless extension. By choosing the latest aluminium frames you have an extensive colour palette to choose from, as well as a contemporary look that is practical and minimal maintenance. Talk to one of our Sales Advisors who can talk you through the differences between contemporary and traditional style orangeries to see what look and style would suit you and your home best.

Bespoke Orangeries

An orangery is probably one of the biggest home improvements you will ever make to your home, and they are certainly the most breathe-taking.

Done properly, they are guaranteed to add value to your property as well as offering you year-round pleasure and enjoyment. We make bespoke orangeries so we can design a living space with you so it’s exactly how you envisage it. We want to make your dream a reality to build you a space that will stand the test of time a be the hub of your home. We understand how important it is to have your home looking exactly how you want it, so our high-quality materials ensure you have an orangery that will continue to look it’s best for years to come.

Orangeries date back to the 17th century, but our bespoke designs bring an appealing modern structure to your existing property. We offer bricks that seamlessly match your home and aluminium frames in a variety of colours.

We can guide you through choosing between contemporary and traditional styles.

Orangeries differ from traditional conservatories in that they include more brick and the glass areas are made up of large wall expanses and roof panels.